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Christmas Lights

Cutting Edge Lawn can custom-fit your house or business with Christmas lights that are made to fit and last. While your neighbor’s lights are likely store-bought and not made specifically for their home, we offer customized lighting that fit the contours of your house, maximizing its beauty and making it stand out on your street. The process takes less time than it might take you to unspool your old lights or search for the right storage back tucked away in your garage. Our technicians will take measurements of your house and design light strands that give you a noticeably customized look. The commercial-grade wire and bulbs we use will withstand all cold weather elements.

This holiday season, forget about using the same old frustrating lights. Let us customize your light display and see how much easier — and enjoyable — the holiday season can be.

Christmas Light Display Hanging

Nothing sets off the Christmas charm like a house trimmed with custom Christmas lights. In the Midwest especially, custom Christmas lighting displays have become a way to express your holiday cheer and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for family and friends. But there is also a lot of rigmarole — and sometimes frustration — that goes into keeping the spirit alive each season. If you’ve ever braved the ladder and the chilly temperatures to put up your own lights, you know what it’s like to deal with store-bought lights and tangled strands that don’t fit your home. When the lights don’t fit your house, those imperfections are announced by bright lights that expose the flaws in your strategy to your neighbors.

Check out our flipbook photo gallery below!