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Having a yard you can be proud of is a good feeling. But in order to keep that sense of pride, it is crucial for your turf to get its regular dose of water. And we all know we can’t hold Mother Nature responsible for that one. That’s why The Cutting Edge offers sprinkler system services that will keep your lawn in the best condition.

  • New system installation – Hunter or Rain Bird
  • Fix and repair all brands
  • Turn on sprinkler systems
  • Winterize sprinkler systems

Sprinkler & Irrigation System Installation

If your lawn is new to the sprinkler system world, we offer new system installation with two different suppliers. Hunter: The Irrigation Innovators is a global provider, centered around the “customers first” ideal. With a knowledgeable and experienced management team, Hunter promises products of quality and durability. Rain Bird Corporation prides itself on manufacturing sprinkler systems that use water responsibly. It offers a wide range of sprinkler products, guaranteed to be of high value and quality.

To keep your systems running smoothly, we offer maintenance services from the beginning to the end of the sprinkler season. Though we install systems from only the aforementioned manufacturers, The Cutting Edge will fix and repair sprinkler systems of all brands. Before the cold weather strikes, it is very important to winterize your sprinkler system. This can be a tricky process and must be done correctly in order to be efficient. The Cutting Edge is pleased to offer sprinkler winterizing for our customers. Similar to winterizing, a sprinkler turn-on service is also available during the spring months.